About – Dr. Wade McKenna

R. Wade McKenna, D.O.

dr-mckenna-webBoard certified in orthopedic surgery, Dr. McKenna is a fellowship trained surgeon who has been developing Stem Cell Therapies for use in his surgery protocols.  With the use of Stem Cells, Dr. McKenna has performed over 20,000 surgeries and used cellular therapies on over 5000 patients. Dr. McKenna is also a co-founder of Biologic Therapies, a product development and research company dedicated to the advancement of autologous adult stem cell therapy. He invented the BioMac™ bone marrow aspiration catheter (510K), an improved method of harvesting bone marrow, now becoming the standard for extraction.

Dr. McKenna is an inventor and surgeon, treating world-class athletes and developing numerous surgical and non-surgical stem cell application protocols. He is a leading advocate of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine focusing on advancing the clinical benefits in orthopedics.


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Dr. McKenna has a proven track record of producing positive clinical outcomes augmented by cell therapy from bone marrow and amniotic membrane. Dr. McKenna has successfully treated thousands of surgical and non-surgical patients with Stemnexa. Applications include:

  • long bone non-unions;
  • avascular necrosis of the femoral head;
  • severe clavicle non-unions; cartilage regeneration;
  • chondrogenesis and soft tissue repair of the shoulder;
  • rotator cuff tears;
  • chronic tendonopathy;
  • tendon ruptures – Achilles, Rotator, Quadricept;
  • common, often difficult, foot and ankle injuries;
  • and wrists fractures.