Our Team – Dr. Wade McKenna

McKenna Orthopedics

Our commitment to the health and well-being of our patients and our community is what drives each of us and this practice. We love my what we do and every day we are humbled by the trust that patients extend to us. We work diligently to provide the latest technology and quality orthopedic care to patients and their families.  We would be honored to help you as well.

R. Wade McKenna, D.O.
Fellowship Trained in Trauma & Post Traumatic Reconstruction Specializing in Sports Medicine & Stem Cell Therapy
Board certified in orthopedic surgery, Dr. McKenna is the chief medical officer and co-founder of Riordan-McKenna Institute. He has performed over 20,000 surgeries and used cellular therapy on over 5000 patients. Dr. McKenna is a co-founder of Biologic Therapies, a product development and research company dedicated to the advancement of autologous adult stem cell therapy. He patented the BioMac™ bone marrow aspiration catheter, an improved method of harvesting bone marrow, now becoming the standard for extraction.
Troy Chandler, P.A. - C.
Board Certified Physician's Assitant
I have been blessed with opportunity to work in this profession as a Board Certified Physician Assistant specializing in Orthopaedics, and understand how important and privileged our job is. We work hard to offer our patients the greatest care possible, using the latest and safest surgical procedures and techniques backed by science and research. We have extensive experience in sports-related injuries, joint replacement, fracture care, overuse injuries, trauma, stem cell therapy, and regenerative medicine.