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What Is Stemnexa Stem Cell Therapy For Orthopedics And Is It Safe?


Dr. McKenna explains how AlphaGEMS amniotic tissue product is used to augment the metabolic activity of a patient’s own bone marrow stem cells. He talks about how Stemnexa bone marrow harvest using his patented BioMAC catheter facilitates greater stem cell counts, higher quality stem cells, and is much less painful that the traditional “hammer and mallet” Jamshidi method that is routinely used during less sophisticated bone marrow harvesting procedures. Lastly, he compares the safety profile of Stemnexa stem cell therapy to Tylenol.


Stem Cell Therapy for Achilles Tendon Repair


Dr. McKenna discusses non-surgical treatment of acute and chronic tendon problems using bone marrow stem cells augmented with amniotic tissue. He cites an example of a 56 year-old patient with a 10 year-old Achilles tendon disruption who was told she would need a complicated surgery that might not even work. Just 8 weeks after one ultrasound-guided injection, this patient was playing tennis again.